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The Brief

The Couple of this Mosman Kitchen Renovation bought the house in 2012 and loathed the original kitchen.  They knew they wanted something new, but were dreading the process and “not having a kitchen for 4 or 5 weeks”.   The husband agreed with his wife, struggling for years with how he felt about their worn and gritty kitchen that was barely functional. But now after all these years, it was time to make some changes. After numerous times of driving past The Kitchen House in Mosman, they decided it was now time to do something about that Kitchen Renovation.

What didn’t work in their kitchen?

The previous kitchen was adequate, but things had begun to deteriorate. Everything in the kitchen was gritty and dirty, regardless of how much cleaning they did! They wanted a kitchen that was open and spacious and didn’t want any of those old style pantries with bifold doors or deep cabinets where food and other items get lost out of site in the back corner.  They also didn’t fancy the alternative of short space countertop depth where there is no left over room after you’ve put anything on them! So the space needed to be more than just storage – it had to be usable as an everyday area for cooking and for family eating on the go.

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What did The Kitchen House do?

All starting on the showroom floor, the couple knew they were in the right place. When working with Richard,  he demonstrated the most up-to-date cabinet styles and kitchen equipment trends. Once Richard showed them the Artinox layered sink, they knew it was to be the focal point of the kitchen. Richard first came up with a terrific concept of relocating the major appliances. This new layout allowed for a much more open feel, while everything else is where you would expect it to be, on the left-hand side of the kitchen, just brilliant! The dining nooks are still in the same location. Everything is where you want it to be. 

What they love about their new kitchen!

The new kitchen was the perfect mid-century modern space for all of their culinary needs. The island bench doubled as extra storage, and it now has two sides that are ideal when preparing food or cleaning up after dinner—the sink is centrally located too! Since we also had the kitchen floors renovated there are no worries about your wet dishes dripping water or anything else spilling or dripping around there; plus they refinished every kitchen cabinet in this home to give off an even more modern vibe while still maintaining its original design elements, like exposed brick walls (which they loved!).

What the Kitchen House can do for you!

The Kitchen House is one of Australia’s most esteemed and well-established kitchen design companies. For over 30 years, we’ve been helping Australians create luxurious, custom-made kitchens that perfectly suit their busy lifestyles.

Our team of experts will work closely with you to create a unique kitchen that is not only stylish and functional but perfectly tailored to your specific needs and preferences. We believe that your kitchen should be the heart of your home – the place where you come together with family and friends to share good times, great food, and maybe even a few laughs. Let The Kitchen House help make your dream kitchen a reality!

The Impression

"Fabulous service. Recently completed a full kitchen/living renovation with The Kitchen House. Richard came up with the perfect design that improved our kitchen layout. Keith had amazing attention to detail that ensured the job was completed to a high standard. Richard and Keith were both a delight to work with and we could not be happier with our renovated kitchen. Highly recommend The Kitchen House"

  • Wine fridge
  • Integrated under bench fridge
  • Island Bench Sink
The Result
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Contemporary Kitchen Renovation Mosman

Mosman Kitchen Renovation

The Couple of this Mosman Kitchen Renovation bought the house in 2012 and loathed the original kitchen. They knew they wanted something new, but were dreading the process and “not having a kitchen for 4 or 5 weeks”.

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