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Kitchens don’t always have the ideal layout proportions. Or they have to fit into a confined space. BORA cooktops with an integrated cooktop extractor therefore solve a problem: they replace bulky extractor hoods.

Where integration is best

Small kitchens or unfavourably shaped kitchens have to be particularly well planned so as to not only look chic but also live up to the needs of everyday life.  This applies to not only the storage space but also the cooktop and extractor.  Do you cook everyday or only on a less regular basis? For a large family or just for two? On your own or with others?

BORA takes out all the guess work.  By opting for the powerful cooktop extractor, you no longer need to utilise the space by a visually disruptive extractor hood and gain up to 30 percent more storage space.  

Cooking vapours and odours are no match for BORA – they suction away precisely where they arise, ie directly at the cooktop.  Vapours are extracted straight from the pots, pans or grills by means of physics, not by magic!

BORA have the highest quality standards for products and services.  The production sites are based in Germany and Austria.  They only use high-quality materials, such as stainless steel and glass, and avoid substances that are hazardous to the environment.

BORA Advantages
  • Fresh air – cooking while surrounded by fresh air
  • Quiet operation – significantly quieter than conventional extractor hoods
  • Simple cleaning – why make things difficult when there is an easy option
  • Effectiveness – a focus on the bare essentials
  • Best materials – high functionality and long service life
  • Design freedom – setting the standard for modern kitchen design
  • Clear view – no annoying head-height extractor hoods
The BORA Principle

BORA captures rising vapours and grease along with unwanted cooking smells before they are able to escape: directly at the cooktop, directly from the saucepan, roaster, frying pan or grill.  This has nothing to do with magic, it is just applied physics according to the basic principle of fluid dynamics.  We simply use a cross flow that is larger than the rising speed of the cooking vapour.

BORA Product Range
Bora Pure
BORA Professional

High – class cooking

When the best really is good enough: extra-deep dimensions, the biggest selection of cooktops, outstanding flexibility, stainless steel rotary knobs-for culinary professionals.

Bora Classic Appliances
BORA Classic

Ergonomic and efficiency

Reduced to the bare essentials: efficiency and design – recognised with the red dot product design award. Small installation dimensions and smart touch control impress-bringing your personal cooking and kitchen fantasies to life.

Bora Pure
BORA Basic

A compact system

Bringing together what belongs together: cooktop and extractor combined in an aesthetic, compact and effective unit. Central touch control and simple installation-for every kitchen.

Take part in one of the live cooking events, ideal basis for helping you make the right decisions for your perfect dream kitchen.

See how the vapour is extracted downwards. Hear how quietly the BORA extractor works. Feel the quality of the premium materials. Smell nothing but fresh air.

The BORA showroom in Drummoyne enables you to experience how the products look and function with all your senses.

For more information check out the BORA website .

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